Best DIY Face Scrub| Get bright and acne free skin naturally.

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So, Everyone are upset and frustrated  about acne  and blemishes on their skin. like i have acne prone skin. i have come up with this Amazing SCRUB which works Wonders on any skin and leave your skin Flawless.(100%).


  1. Coffee Powder                                             2. Coconut Oil

images  download-2


Take one tbs of Coffee powder and one tbs of coconut oil and mix it well.

  1. Wash your face. Make sure its clean
  2. Apply this Coffee and Coconut oil mxture all your face (You can also apply this on your body)
  3. Start Scrubing it very Gently (Dont put pressure on hands)
  4. Scrub for about 2-3 Minutes and let it be your face for about 1 minute.
  5. Wash it off with Cold or normal water .

Trust me you will see instant result by including in your skincare routine.

Do this twice a week for the Amazing Results.

You can watch the video HERE

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Kiss Beauty 18 colors contour palette review.

Hi! Everyone, Welcome back. so sorry.i know its been a long time i had posted any of the review or post. so, today i have come up with a review of KISS BEAUTY 18 COLOURS CONTOUR,BRONZE AND HIGHLIGHT PALETTE. SO, LETS GET STARTED.

First glance of palette from front and back.01 (1).JPG01 (3)

INGREDIENTS> Titanium oxide, Span-80, Talc, Silica, Isooctyl palmitate, 26# Mineral oil, White wax, Ceresine wax.

IT CLAIMS: Super delicate light powder formula, exteremely perfect fitting skin, moisturizing, Perfect concealer while protecting the skin; light color, shading, a box of easily creating three-dimensional facial features, so that makeup look flawless lasting.

I got this palette from Here. parcel came 5 days after ordering. the palette was well wraped in plastic and with regular amazon cardboard. The cost of this product is 655 rs. which is very affordable. 01 (5)

This is how the palette looks from the inside. The quality of the box is okay! not too good or not too bad. but,the cover where the product is on is very cheap. it comes with a mirror which is travel friendly. while opening the box the smell of the product was very strong  and products smells like cheap cosmetics or cough syrup (Not very plesent).

01 (8)

This palette can be use by any skin types it has every shade to use. so this is the swatch of first row it has the four highlighting shades and two bronzer or contouring shades.

01 (9)

This is the second row where it has two highlighting shades and one was more like creame shade and again the last two shades iare bronzers,to be honest these bronze shades was more like bluses. yeah! and last one can be used for contouring. but these shades can be perfect for lighter skin tones.

01 (10)

The last row it have the two highlighting shades and one is more like yellow shade can be used as corrector and these three shades are perfect for contouriing and can be used for eyebrows as well.


1. The palette is very affordable. you can get it HERE from

2.  The outer box is sturdy. and got a mirror so, its travell friendly.

3. Really Really love the art on the box

4. suits for all skin types.

5. texture is super creamy and blends very well.


  1. The smell of the product is very strong or like a cheap makeup.
  2. The inside cover of the palette is very cheap.
  3. most of the shades are like very light or pale.
  4. most of the bronzers shades look like blushes.

Overall :

The palette is sturdy  with mirror and its travel friendly. the texture is Super creamy and blends out very well. its more of the highlghting shades and less of the contouring shades and some of the bronzes shades are like blushes but i really liked how it applies on the face. i will be doing a reviw and demo on my youtube channel NAGHMASYED BEAUTYANDGOODVIBES.

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I rate this palette 3.5\5