Catrice prime and fine smoothing refiner review

Hallo! Everyone. Hope all are Awesome…
Today I’m going to review a face primer from Catrice cosmetics.

What catrice claims: The range of professional product for an excellent refiner, the oil-free silicon-based primer practically makes pores disappear and fills out wrinkles for a smooth, refined complexion. Now you’re ready for your grand entry! Comes in a high quality jar.


This product costs €4.95 and 14g/0.49 oz
Comes in a round high quality round jar which can be very handy while travelling. But hygienically I prefer a tube or pump. It will be difficult to some who have long nails to pick the product;)💅



It has a transparent light pink tint to it, the texture looks Greasy but after applying onto face it doesn’t feel like and leaves your skin smooth. spreads onto skin evenly. It has a scent to it but it’s not noticeable. I really like way it makes my skin smooth and foundation look flawless. It does works to smoothing the pores.
Suitable for oily/dry/combination skin type
Overall, I’m impressed by this product. I highly recommend it👍

Pros: 1. makes your skin smooth
          2. Helps blur pores
           3.  Helps foundation to apply better and stay longer
            4. Excellent value for money

Cons: 1. I wont recommend for very oily skin because It might be greasy or breakout
            2.  You have to dip your finger into pot which is unhygienic
            3. It’s a pore smoothing not pore minimizer

I rate: 3.9/5



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